• Intelligent Targeting

    Consumer Engagement Where It Counts!

  • Digital Front-End For Retail And Event Marketing

    Increase Engagement | Monetize WiFi

    Exceptional Consumer Experience & Adoption Rates

    Browser-Based Solution

    No Mobile App Needed
    Quickly Build Audiences
    Provide Premium Localized Content
    Plan Your Expanded Reach


    Targeted Content & Advertising

    Deliver a High Fidelity Experience
    Integrate Localized Digital Services
    Provide Key Information
    Generate Sustainability & Loyalty

    Integrated Products & Services

    Turn-key Solution or Integrate Existing WiFi Network

    Enjoy Hands-On Customization

    Integrate On-Site Digital Services

    Work with Our Managed System That Includes Content, Advertising, and SaaS Infrastructure

  • Deliver Retention | Fuel Growth

    The Power of SweetSpot WiFi

    Sponsor | Advertiser | Agency

    Increase dwell time and exposure

    Event Marketing

    Increase personalization, improve digital experience, and AI Content Targeting


    Improve Sales, influence decision making, increased footfall

    Media Partners

    Discover a new channel for your content delivery

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