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    Intelligent System Increases Dwell Time

  • Maximized Reach

    A Premier, Curated Channel to Reach Millions

    Mega - Engagement

    Millions More Viewers

    Transportation delivers a predictive, captive audience that opens the market in unprecedented ways

    User Location


    Because passengers are predictable, we know where they start and where they end

    Repeat Audience

    Twice per day, every day

    Focused on the commuter, you deliver repeat exposure in day-part increments

    Long Dwell Time

    Optimized Engagement

    Commutes average 90 minutes per day, per rider

    Targeted Content

    Define | Target | Dwell

    Learn how you can define where and how your content will deliver impact

    New Streams

    Unique Revenue Modeling

    Work with us to develop unique revenue streams throughout content delivery

  • Analytics

    Know the User

    Identify frequency, demographic, patterns, and duration

  • Leverage SweetSpot to deliver your premier content to previously untapped environments

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