• Products & Services

    Patented Technology Powering Media Services

  • What We Do

    Infotainment in Transportation and Retail Environments

  • Information

    Deliver updates, provide maps, report schedule changes.


    For the first time transit authorities and major providers are able to generate a connection with their riders. SweetSpot enables you to provide perks and benefits for customers.

    Advertising and Sponsorship

    Deliver digital advertising and sponsorship solutions to drive revenue. Learn how to use a SweetSpot to build out multi-level marketing campaigns.

    Bandwidth Preservation

    Reduce bandwidth strain in crowds


    Receive daily insight into customer needs and satisfaction. Then discover key information you can use to increase visits and generate sustainability.

    Ticketing and Queue Efficiency

    Increase efficiency in both one-time and repeat ticket sales. SweetSpot integrates with your ticket delivery system to establish real-time transaction that will increase throughput and reduce overhead.

  • How We Do It

    SweetSpot Is a Turnkey Solution Providing High Fidelity Service
    We deliver analytics and software servicing through a unique CMS/DMS

  • Design

    Network design and service design for audience engagement


    Definition and execution of monetization strategy to maximize revenue generation potential


    Integrated networking and application technologies to enable Sweetspot's services


    Definition and execution of monetization strategy to maximize revenue generation potential


    Operation support to meet service level agreement including technology, network, content and advertising, and client operations


    Service deployment including network and service activation

  • Not sure what you are looking for?

    Let our creative services advocates explore your business with you and provide recommendations for enhancements, partnerships, and add-ons.

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