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    Prompt Purchase by Enhancing the Digital Retail Experience

  • On-Site Engagement

    Inform & Inspire Action


    On-Site Influence

    SweetSpot's assist shoppers to make improved decisions in real-time with our localized digital content. We deliver targeted content throughout the shopping experience.

    Digital Brand Engagement

    The "Golden Goose" For Your Brands

    SweetSpot hosts a unique interface that allows you, the retailer, to deliver brand and product-specific information to mobile devices as the customer moves throughout your location.
    As a multi-brand store or reseller, SweetSpot connects your shopper with a sponsored brand experience to strengthen relationships and deliver revenue.

    Precision Targeting & Analytics

    Localized WiFi Intelligence

    We aim to generate precision targeting. Customize campaigns by region, store and location. You benefit from our ability to fine-tune programs based on real-time analytics. We work with world-class advertising and digital media partners to enhance in-store revenues.

    Enhanced Customer Loyalty

    Real-Time Content and Media Delivery

    Whether your goal is to deliver more of your own custom content or enhance an existing loyalty program, SweetSpot provides a digital experience that will motivate customers and drive loyalty. Collect relevant data daily and generate feedback.

    Omni-Channel Management

    High Functioning Digital Strategy

    SweetSpot is uniquely designed to integrate with your omni-channel strategy. We take your investment in digital management to the next level by engaging consumers at point of decision.

  • Leverage SweetSpot to drive sales and operational efficiency and provide shoppers a true multi-faceted experience.

    Enhance digital payment, loyalty, advertising and social networking while engaging consumers on-premise.

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